The benefits of a greener website

Why should you strive to have a lower carbon site? You might experience a warm green feeling from doing good for the planet. That’s all well and good but there are other compelling reasons and tangible benefits to be gained.

Search Engine Optimisation

First up, green sites tend to have better SEO. Sorry if that made you snort a beverage onto your monitor. It does sound a little tenuous, but hear me out.

To build a green or sustainable website you need to carefully plan the site. You need to consider every aspect of every page. Every element of the site needs to be built with efficiency in mind. This translates into a site built and laid out using best practice. Sites are structured with the appropriate hierarchy aiding navigation. You lay out individual pages in an SEO friendly manner.

With your layout dialled in, you can look at page speed. Optimise the heck out of your site, images and code. Users love fast loading sites and so do search engines.

Search engines all favour:

  • Pages that load quickly
  • Efficient site structures
  • Best practice for page layouts

Greener sites have better SEO!

User Experience (UX)

A lot of what makes green sites better for SEO also translates in to better UX. When you minimise the carbon footprint of your site, you scrutinise every aspect of the site. Along with being well structured, you should optimise your content. If your copy isn’t pushing users towards a conversion, do you need it?

Make sure your key messages are front and centre. Telling your story well engages your users. Every element on the page is there for a reason. It’s efficient web design.

Good UX comes down to:

  • Well structured pages
  • Economical, efficient use of content
  • User engagement & getting your key message across

Greener sites have great UX!

Conversion rates

Now you have better visitors to your site through improved SEO. Your site visitors love the UX and engage with your story. The result is a better conversion rate. Users are on your site because your offering serves a purpose they need. They can easily navigate your well thought out site.

All this means that they can’t help but sign up for your newsletter. Or buy your product. Or book a discovery call about your service. Or follow you on social media. Or join your community group. Or, well you get the idea.

Greener sites convert your site visitors into customers!

Everyone wins

Taking steps to make your site more efficient is a win-win. People and planet win because you are reducing your digital carbon footprint. Your business wins because you win more work or sell more product.

My site audits are the perfect way of helping you make your site more efficient and greener. If you’d like to know more book a site audit discovery call. We can have a chat about how I can help you, your users and the planet.