Hi, I'm Andy

I build websites & make them greener using Sustainable Web Design

A Sustainable Website = A Great Website

Most websites have a much bigger carbon footprint than they should. Web pages today are often bloated, slow to load and inefficient resulting in low rankings on search engines. Poor user experience means they don’t convert visitors into buyers either.

Sustainable web design will change that. I design carefully considered, optimised sites that are loved by search engines and users alike.

Get a cleaner site. Get more visibility. Get better results.

Two Paths To A More Effective and Sustainable Website

I build you an eco-friendly website

I will build you an attractive, bespoke website that you, your customers, search engines and the planet will love.

My hand-coded sites are quicker to load, easier to explore and bespoke for you.

Your new site will perform better and have a lower carbon footprint than other sites.

Cool huh?

I advise you how to improve your site

If your existing website is not performing, I can help.

I will review your site and provide you with actionable steps you can take to make it perform more effectively.

Following my recommendations will make your site load quicker, improve user experience (UX),  SEO and much more!

Sites that perform better and have better UX are also better for the environment.

Andy not only delivered a beautiful user-friendly site he also ensured that it does the business with minimal environmental impact.

Gavin Fernie-Jones

Founder One Tree at a Time

Hang On Though...

If I take an audit will you just try and sell me a new site?

No. I’ll give you practical ways of improving your site.

My website audits aren’t just a way of selling you a new site build. That’s not necessary for most sites & the improvements I suggest will be achievable & effective.

Websites don't pollute the planet, do they?

Sorry but your online presence has a carbon footprint too

The internet is an energy hungry beast. Every bit of code, text, image and video has a carbon cost.

Thankfully there are steps you can take to reduce the impact of your site. My website audit will help your site tread more lightly.

A full website build sounds like a big job

Argh. You’re right.

Just kidding, I make site builds as painless as possible.

You will have some work to do but with careful planning and open communication I will build a site that showcases your product/service in its best light with a minimum of stress, fuss and biscuits.

I love it and I hope my future clients will too!

MASSIVE thanks to Andy Davies for his incredible work!

Ruth Butt

Owner Meribel Management

A taste of my work


The before…

The style of the site was no longer in keeping with WhiteStorm’s level of equipment or service.

Screenshot of WhiteStorm's Old Site

…and the after

Now it looks fresh, clean and modern. It also loads quicker, has a custom content management system and much more.

Screenshot of WhiteStorm's New Site

What else can I tell you?

What do you mean by making websites greener?

In a nutshell, websites need electricity to work. The servers which hold the website files need power to remain on and available 24/7, 365 days a year. Making websites greener using sustainable webdesign means making them less power-hungry to help people get to what they are looking for more quickly and to use less resources when loading. In short, making them more efficient.

To make websites greener you need to optimise every element from wording, to image size and use, to the software needed to make the site run. The best bit is that doing this properly will improve your site too.

Where can I see some of your previous work?

I’m working on case studies and site build write ups at the moment! If you’d like to see a sample of the sites I’ve built from scratch you can look at:

How much do you charge?

Both the site audit and the green audit cost €250.

For a bespoke, full site build, with custom content management system, blog, SEO optimisation and up to 8 pages, prices start at €3000.

Contact me with your project for a full quote.

A bit about me

Andy and his son pulling faces

I’m Andy (on the left in the red hat)

I’m a web designer with a big green heart. I’m a 40 something family man living in the French Alps with my wife, son and dog.