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Hi I’m Andy

I work with purpose driven organisations to help them build brilliant websites that respect their users and the planet.

Organisations I’ve worked with

Why work with me?

I listen and collaborate

In my working life I’ve worn many hats, from a bowler hat at a big four accountancy firm to a beanie when I ran an alpine hospitality business. This range of experience gives me insight into the needs of organisations I’m working with. I collaborate with my clients to tell their story in an engaging, effective way.

Whether you need a site created from scratch or existing page designs brought to life with low weight coding, I am here to help.

I make lighter, more efficient websites

Lighter weight websites are quicker, less resource intensive and use less electricity to run. Users like them, search engines like them and the planet prefers them.

Website users want to quickly find information & solutions relevant to them. Efficient websites attract the right users & help them quickly convert. Your ideal site is tailored to appeal to your ideal audience & then make it easy for them to convert from potential clients to actual clients.

I build low carbon websites

Hosting and viewing any website has a carbon footprint attached. Devices use electricty while you browse, data centers use electricity and water even if no one is browsing the sites hosted on them.

Anyone who has owns a website can make positive changes to reduce their digital carbon footprint. I build websites using sustainable web design principles to make lighter weight, more efficient sites.

Want to discuss a project?

Let’s chat

“Andy is our go-to developer for effective, optimised, low weight websites that showcase our work. He’s been instrumental in the development of our own site and all of our project sites – we would thoroughly recommend him”

Max Smith

Founder + Managing Director

How I help organisations

Site Audits

A short term consultancy project to make your site easer to use, more sustainable, easier to find and more accessible for all users.

The audits focus on making effective changes to the layout and design of your site to increase engagement and performance.

Prices from €350

Site Development

Collaborating with you I will build a user focussed, light weight, search engine friendly WordPress website.

I design and code the site or work with a designer to bring an existing design to life on the screen. Copy and content can be provided for the site for an additional fee.

However we work together the site will tell the story of your organisation in an engaging way and minimise your digital carbon footprint.

Prices from €3500

Site Consultancy

I will work with your team to help improve user experience and site efficiency.

I help designers make designs more efficient, improve code to maximise site performance and optimise user experience for your users.

Prices from €250 per day

Want to discuss a project?

My Ikigai

Ikigai is a Japanese concept for something that gives a person a sense of purpose, a reason for living. Here’s mine:

I live in the French Alps with my wife Heather, son and perma-muddy dog Rufus. I’m passionate about spending time in nature and eating good food with people that matter.

As a family we live a considered life that helps us reduce our household carbon footprint well below the average in the Global North. I strive to make my work a part of that which is why I try and make each site I build emit less carbon and tell it’s story a little more effectively.

Dr Ayana Elizabeth Johnson condenses all this much more succinctly than I can with her Climate Action Venn Diagram.

Sitegiest fits into mine quite nicely…

“Spanking new, sustainably-designed website with an average carbon reduction of a whopping 81% per website page vs my previous website. Now that is something to celebrate.

Alexis Eyre

Founder & Sustainable Marketing Consultant

Let’s talk

Want to discuss building a low weight website or making an existing website more efficient?

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LinkedIn: Andy Davies – Sustainable Web Developer

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