Andy, can you tell me how to improve my existing site?

You have a website but it's not quite performing for you. My site audit will help.

It's like this

You have a site you love but no one can find it.

Very frustrating.

People can find your site but when they do they don't get in touch or buy anything?

It happens.

When you look at your site, something isn't quite right, but you can't put your finger on it.

An experienced pair of eyes will help.

Your site is actually doing alright but it needs a bit of "umph".

I can suggest a bit of website rocket fuel.

My site audit will help you improve:

Search Engine Ranking

I will identify the easy SEO wins on your site and suggest areas for improvement, content and technical upgrades.

Site structure

Using tried and tested methods I will tell you how to improve the layout, structure and user experience of your site.

Conversion rates

I will identify the paths your users take to find what they want on your site and help you remove any blockages.



This price includes:

  • A full site report packed full of recommendations that will improve your site's SEO, UX and conversion rate.
  • A 40 minute call to discuss the report and talk you through the recommendations.

The Process

Step 1

Get in touch below

I will then send you a form for you to complete to tell me what you like about your site, what you don't, how it is performing (or isn't) and what you'd like to get out of the audit.

Step 2

Invoice & the audit

Upon receipt of your payment I will audit your website and arrange a suitable time for a follow up call. To allow me time to do the audit, the call will be approximately 10 working days after receipt of your payment.

Step 3

Final report & results call

I will provide a user-friendly report detailing the areas I have tested, my assessments and the top 5 improvements you can make to improve your site. I will talk you through my findings in a 40 minute call or video call.


What does your audit cover?

The site audit analyses all aspects of your site. I will look at potential technical improvements, site speed, SEO and user experience. The call will cover the most effective things you can do to make improvement. The report will cover all the areas you can improve.

Can you implement the improvements for me?

No, the audit isn't a pitch for more work for me! Once we have had our call you will have two options. Put in place the improvements yourself or pass the action points on to your site developer.

Are you just going to try and sell me a site?

That isn't the intention of my site audits. The report and call will provide ways of improving your existing site. The audit will teach you the methods good web designers use to maximise user experience.

Most sites can improve through intelligent changes. Yours is almost certainly one of them.

Andy is easy going, patient and flexible, he listened to the few ideas that I had and managed to design a website better than i had imagined, thank you!

Nicole Wallbank

Owner Meribel Nanny Services

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