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The Case For a Sustainable Website

High performance, high impact, low carbon websites are the future (and the present).

There is no point in having

A website that makes no impact.

That your potential clients can't find.


That takes an age to load.

That does more damage to the earth than it needs to.

My sustainable websites solve these problems and more

Building websites in a sustainable way means taking extra care. Each aspect of the site needs to do its job as efficiently as possible. I build carefully crafted, well thought out sites that tell your story. Everything I know about sites goes into each build.

Your story is what sets you apart from the competition. It explains your purpose and impact.

The world deserves to know what you do.

My Sustainable Websites Are High Performance

Search Engines Love Them

Using approved site structure & Yoast, you’ll shoot up the rankings.

Lightweight setup

My sites are hand coded & load quickly. No more losing users while a page loads or hoping for the best when you install an update.

Better conversion rates

I optimise the user flow and experience to maximise your site’s conversion rate.

My sites look great & reflect you

Bespoke for you

We will meet at key points to agree on the aesthetics, fonts, site requirements & structure.

Custom CMS

My content management systems mean my sites work for you, the user, as well as your visitors. Content & images are easy to update without breaking the layout or page.

A good looking site

A modern colour scheme, clear fonts, great legibility & a few flourishes add up to a site you will be proud to share.

Slick performance helps you and the planet

Sites that load in a flash

Because my sites don’t rely on any additional software, they load super quickly! This improves the user experience and improves your SEO ratings.

Responsive designs

Most sites I deal with are viewed 50% of the time on laptops and 50% of the time on mobile. My sites look great whatever the screen size.

Reduced digital footprint

How you build and host your site can have a big impact on the planet. By choosing one of my sites, you willl get all the benefits above and be helping the planet too.


For a bespoke, full site build, with custom content management system, blog, SEO optimisation and up to 8 pages, prices start from €3000.

The Process

Step 1

No obligation introductory call

This is to get to know you and your business. The call allows me to form a picture of what your site requirements are. It also allows both parties to decide if we are a good fit. If you are ready to proceed I will send you a short questionaire to enable me to start scoping the project.

Step 2

Project scope document & full quote

If you would like to proceed, I will then provide a full quotation and scoping document for the project. This will include a set price for the project, or if required, a range of pricing options.

Step 3

50% payment to start project

Upon payment we have an in depth discussion about the site goals and what a successful conversion looks like. We will discuss your sales process and how I will reflect this on the site. We will discuss the look, feel and personality the site will have.

Step 4

Agree site style & landing page design

Using the discussions in step 3 I will prepare a mock up of the homepage of your website for your review. With your feedback integrated, this will form the basis of the look and feel of the rest of the site, including colour scheme and font selection.

Step 5

Build remaining pages

When the landing page and overall style of the site is set I will build the remaining pages. I will store these on a temporary site for access and testing. At this stage you will provide the content for the site (images and wording). If this is not appropriate, I will use holding images and wording.

Step 6

Final payment, site handover and training.

When the final page designs and functionality are in place, it’s time to pay your balance. Once made, the site is transferred to the live domain. I provide a site handover, in person or over video and a handover document.

Congratulations, you have an awesome new site!


What platform do you build your sustainable websites on?

I build all my sites on WordPress. It is one of the most powerful and well used platforms on the web. It offers a great level of flexibility and reliability that suits my clients’ needs.

Do you use site builders like Elementor?


All my sites are hand coded to suit my clients’ requirements. You can build great sites with Elementor or Visual Composer but there are downsides. They tend to be slow to load and updates to WordPress or your theme can cause problems down the line.

My methods provide you with a more robust, reliable and efficient website.

How do you make your sites greener?

That is a trade secret and I cannot tell you…

What? Still not convinced? Alright then. I build my sites to have a small a file size as I can. That means efficient coding, carefully considered layouts and content and optimised images. Video usage at a minimum and definitely no automatic play!

On top of all that, I pay lots of attention to user experience and user journeys. No matter what page your visitor lands on I want to make navigating the site easy. That means clear typography, simple, bold calls to action and high conversion rates.

Extremely happy with our new site. Andy and his team had a brief and they exceeded it in a professional manner. Plus very patient with my IT questions!!!

Simon Hooper

Owner WhiteStorm Ski Rental

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