Website Audits

Andy, I would like to improve my site and reduce its carbon footprint.

Please can you tell me how to reduce its impact, without, erm, reducing its impact.

It's like this

You have a site you love but no one can find it.

Very frustrating.

People can find your site but when they do they don't get in touch or buy anything?

It happens.

When you look at your site, something isn't quite right, but you can't put your finger on it.

An experienced pair of eyes will help.

Your site is actually doing alright but it needs a bit of "umph".

I can suggest a bit of website rocket fuel.

My green site audits focus on:

Search Engine Ranking

I will identify the easy SEO wins on your site and suggest areas for improvement, content and technical upgrades.

A large aspect of the audit will be site speed. Fast sites are eco-friendly sites. They need less electricty to load and for storage.

Users prefer sites that load quickly. So do search engines. So does the planet!

Structure & UX;

Sites with great user experience are eco-friendly sites. Making it easier for users to find the purpose of your site makes it easier to buy from you.

I will look at legibility and accessibility to ensure that everyone can use read the information on your site.

The less time it takes to make a conversion, the better for planet your site is.

The Environment

Lots of people don't consider the carbon footprint of the internet. Energy use of your website is not something that is immediately obvious.

Luckily, the most efficient sites on the internet are the most eco-friendly too.

Why a greener site is important

The internet and by extension, your site, is always switched on.

This needs a lot of power. If the internet was a country it would be the 7th highest user of electricity in the world!

Every bit of content, image or video on your site needs power to store it and power to display it.

If things aren't considered and optimised, things can really add up...

Carefully considering the content & structure will not only reduce your site's carbon footprint but will make it more efficient & effective too.

This is where a green audit will help.

Optimising your site to be better for planet will improve your site..

Or if you prefer:

Improving your site will be better for the planet.



This price includes:

A full site report packed full of recommendations that will improve your site and decrease its carbon footprint.

A 40 minute call to discuss the report and talk you through the recommendations.

The Process

Step 1

No obligation call

We can have a quick chat about what you like about your site and what you don't. You can tell me how it is performing (or isn't) and what you'd like to get out of the audit.

Step 2

Invoice & the audit

Upon receipt of your payment I will audit your website and arrange a suitable time for a follow up call. To allow me time to do the audit, the call will be approximately 10 working days after receipt of your payment.

Step 3

Final report & results call

I will provide a user-friendly report detailing the areas I have tested, my assessments and the top 5 improvements you can make to improve your site. I will talk you through my findings in a 40 minute call or video call.


Do you only audit Wordpress Sites?


I build Wordpress sites but any website can be optimised for the environment. The principles are the same for any site, be it WIX, Squarespace or any other platform.

Are you just going to try and sell me one of your green website builds?


I believe that we can all do our bit to reduce our digital carbon footprint. My green audits are a roadmap towards a greener site for you. Implementing the suggestions is up to you. I won't ever recommend a brand new site unecessarily.

Will you put the suggestions in place on my site?

I'm afraid not. The aim of the audit is to provide you with clear steps you can take to make your site greener. The audit document is intended for you and/or your developer.

Andy ensured that our site does the business with minimal environmental impact. Excellent service and support, thank you.

Gavin Fernie-Jones

Founder One Tree at a Time

Let's make your site greener

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