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How I got here and how I can help

Family man, freelance web designer & planet protector

I’m lucky enough to live in the French Alps, with my little family (Rufus the dog not pictured). I’ve been here since 2009 when my wife Heather and I arrived to run a small chalet business.

After Jake arrived on the scene things, erm, changed. Our routine didn’t suit family life so we sold the business and embarked on ventures new.

For me that meant working on all things digital. This was something I developed an interest in when building a website for our business. It was a site that punched above its weight, just like our little business did.

Today I build sites that convert visitors into clients. I work with local businesses and with folks who are further afield, large and small. I am dedicated to building better sites for my clients, their users and the planet.

I love talking about new businesses and projects. If you’d like a no obligations chat about something website related please reach out!

How I work

I build my sites using WordPress. It’s one of the most used platforms on the web. It offers great flexibility that allows sites to grow and evolve. I don’t use site building software meaning that my sites are low on coding but high on impact. You’ll get a site that is truly built for you.

A friendly, no jargon approach

I use everyday language to discuss my sites. If I need to explain something technical I use simple, easy to understand terms to get the point across. My sites don’t shout, sing, flash or mutate. They look clean and get the message across without any unnecessary features. This makes them a pleasure to visit.

Value for money

As the saying goes, you can do it quick, cheap or well, but only two at once. Other designers can often work cheaper and quicker but the results aren’t the same. My sites are fairly priced for the work that goes in. My sites give you better SEO, views across screen sizes, conversions and build quality.

Why “Sustainable Web Design?”

A very good question. The best answer I’ve got is that sustainable web design is good for your site as well as the planet. A site built sustainably does certain things really well. It loads quickly. It encourages fast conversions through good user experience (UX). It’s well optimised for search engines. It’s well designed all round.

Best practice is sustainable

The truth is that sustainable web design is often web design best practice. Search engines like websites that are quick to load. They like sites that users can navigate easily and find what they are looking for. They like sites that people like to spend time on. If you choose a site built by me you get a great site that is also eco friendly. Or if you prefer an eco friendly site that is also a great site. Either way works!

Further reading

If I’ve piqued your interest you can read my post about sustainable web design here.

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